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Getting to Know Us: the MendoFutures Operations Team

Art Harwood

Art Harwood Professional Life: Art Harwood is the executive director of the Redwood Forest Foundation Inc. (RFFI) and private non-profit organization that is striving to create "working community forests." RFFI purchased the Usal Redwood Forest in 2007, 50,000 acres of timberland in Northwest Mendocino County. Art specializes in community outreach, helping RFFI integrate expertise from diverse stakeholders into the management of the Usal Redwood Forest. For more information about RFFI visit their website: Redwood Forest Foundation.

Community Life: Art participates in multiple community groups including RedwoodFutures, the Mendocino County Woody Biomass Working Group, Water Commons, a group looking at creating an open space special district and MendoFutures.

MendoFutures Life: The Redwood Forest Foundation Inc. (RFFI) serves as MendoFutures' fiscal sponsor and Art is the unofficial treasurer for the group. Art is on the committee in charge of organizing MendoFutures' two annual convenings.

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