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Initial Meetings of MendoFutures (2007)

The MendoFutures Project is committed to facilitating a process that tackles the most important issues in our community.

In order to accomplish our goals our first step was to identify possible projects in our community and rank their importance based on survey process.

The Decision Matrix Summary shows the results of the survey.

Raising Value:

Our first project is to help raise the value of Mendocino County's existing resources in a sustainable way.

Brian Weller leads a group discussion
Brian Weller leads a group discussion about
Willits Economic Localization (WELL) at
MendoFutures Changing the Game Conference
A glue network of people were identified from timber, wine & grape, and the food & agriculture industries.

Initial meetings were held within each resource group to establish interest and identify possible issues that were important to all three resource sectors.

Influential and diverse representatives from each resource sector attended Changing the Game, a two day conference that created conversation and strategies towards raising the value of Mendocino County's existing resources in a sustainable way.

Our approach was to:

  • Identify a set of unifying principles around a common vision and set of goals.
  • Create a matrix of existing successful county resource based initiatives.
  • Identify a set of powerful strategies across the resource sectors.
  • Develop an organizing framework and process to continue the work.

Strategies for Raising the Value of Mendocino County's
Existing Resources in a Sustainable Way

Strategy Articulation Leadership Team
Success Stories Gathering and sharing inspiring stories of success that illustrate and promote our vision. Place 'success stories' on Mendocino Futures website and train and coach others on how to construct instrumental stories. Kate Magruder
Heidi Knott
Anne Oliver
Katie Gibbs
Branding Brand "Mendocino Futures" as the identity of Mendocino County. Person must be from Mendocino County and must be part of Mendocino Futures. Judy Harwood
Paul Dolan
Mark Welch
Bill Heil
Education Using MendoFutures "3E" education as a vehicle for instilling values that lead to action benefiting all diverse elements of our county. Jim Stuart
Rick LeBurkien
Miles Gordon
Holly Cratty
Sustainable Infrastructure Identify the infrastructure necessary to support our vision for Mendocino County and develop a plan to provide for the development of infrastructure that is necessary to meet our vision of the county. To map all the existing critical infrastructure that serves the county and overlay needed infrastructure that is need to fulfill the vision. Brian Hurt
Estelle Clifton
Jim Little
Water Reclaim our 'area of origin' water rights. List detrimental impacts to ecology, economy and equity if we go dry. Create a working group - "coalition" of small business owners, realtors, farmers, agencies, environmental groups, employer councils, developers, no growth advocates in facilitated sessions similar to the Changing the Game process.

December, 2008: Water Conference Summary
  July, 2008: Something in the Water

Julie Golden
John Harper
Barbara Goodel
Charlie Barra
Process of Engagement Through conversations and experiences we will create a coalition around water issues that are critical towards achieving our vision for a local sustainable economy in a way that influences the political process. Julia Conway
Jennifer Seward
Linda Perkins
Art Harwood
Steve Zuieback
Distribution Develop a plan for marketing and distributing local food county-wide. We will develop a prototype strategy for distributing fresh produce county-wide, by Spring 2008. Patty Bruder
Terry Nieves
Doug Mosel

MendoFutures logo

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